The “Right” Home Without Financing Will Never Have the Buyer’s Address!


    • Amount you can borrow decreased as interest rates rise
    • Looking at “Right” homes price, size, amenities, location
    • Find the best loan rate, term, type
    • Uncover issues early time to cure possible problems
    • Bargaining power price, terms, & timing
    • Close quicker verification have been made

Items Needed for Pre-Approval

    • Photo ID
    • Two months current pay stubs
    • Last two year’s W2s and income tax returns
    • Complete copies of checking and savings statements for last three months
    • Copies of statements for IRAs, 401k, savings, CDs, money market funds, etc.
    • Employment history for last two years with addresses and contacts
    • Proof of commissioned or bonus income
    • Residency history for last two years with addresses and contacts
    • Assets for down payment, closing costs, and reserves; must provide paper trail
    • If self-employed, last tow years tax returns, current profit and loss statement and balance sheet; copy of partnership/corporate tax returns for last two years if owning more than 25% of company.
    • FHA requires driver’s license and social security card
    • VA requires original certificate of eligibility and DD214
    • Other things may be required such as previous bankruptcy, divorce decree

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