Client Testimonials

Ronnie and Mechelle were so helpful! They sold our existing home in 13 days and helped us locate a great builder with the perfect floor plan (and price!) for our new home. Their marketing of our existing home was spot on and price was set perfectly so we had TONS of traffic. We have had 5  different home sale experiences, and Ronnie & Mechelle have been – by far – the most professional real estate agents. They know what they are doing and are a pleasure to work with.

The Harden’s, Client

Ron and Mechelle are the single greatest realtors of this generation. They make the arduous process of finding and purchasing a home a pleasurable one. Ron and Mechelle cared about my wife and I as individuals and used their extensive expertise and experience to ensure that we not only got the  home we wanted, but that it was also a sound financial decision for our family. I will use Ron and Mechelle again when I’m ready to purchase another home. I would recommend them to anyone with complete confidence. This was our first home purchase and they guided us through every step, giving us advice and answering any questions we had. They were completely prepared at every turn and for every eventuality. They also have a network of contractors that they can refer you to, should you need to perform any work on your new home. I could not be more satisfied with my experience with Ron and Mechelle and can’t say enough good things about them.

The Fischelli’s, Client

Thanks to the expertise of Mechelle and Ron Moore, I was able to sell my house in 4 days! I was amazed that it sold so quickly considering today’s economy. They set us up with trusted contractors that did a great job with repairs, etc. and made smart recommendations that no doubt helped us sell the  house so quickly. They made the process simple and their response time to each request or question was fast and highly consultative. They also helped us negotiate a very reasonable price with the buyers and were thus very pleased with the outcome. I would recommend Mechelle and Ron to anyone that wants to sell their house quickly and keep the stress involved to an absolute minimum.

Anonymous, Client

Ron & Mechelle were such a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to anyone I know. When we initially started our home hunt, we initially looked at homes with two different realtors, Ron & Mechelle and some other lady. After just a few days we made our decision to go with Ron & Mechelle because we had already covered so much more ground with them and they seemed much more knowledgeable overall.
Here are a few highlights I appreciated about working with them:
1. They are extremely prompt in correspondence (phone & email).

2. They are resourceful and use technology to make the home buying process easier (i.e. “docu-sign” – a way to sign all documents securely online, which is very convenient and makes the process move much faster).

3. They are extremely knowledgeable not only about home buying, the current market, but in other areas as well that helped us (as novice home buyers) make a decision that was not only good for us now, but in the long term.

4. They provided honest opinions and suggestions rather than trying to sell us on a home that wasn’t right for us.

5. They provided down right EXCELLENT customer service. Ron even went as far as to help us fix a garbage disposal (which does NOT fit in his job description, I am sure) and they were a pleasure to work with every step of the way.
I truly appreciate Ron & Mechelle and if we ever decide to move we will work with them again without a doubt.


C. Perez, Client